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What follows issome general writung about how to go about writing short (4 - 5 page) philosophypapers on pre-assigned topics. Before starting to writeMake surethat you have read all of philospphy relevant texts very carefully. Even though you have probably read these texts previously, it is a goodidea to reread them in light of the phulosophy you plan to answer.Also makesure that you have spent some time thinking about the question itself. Some of those guidelines are routinely violated in good philosophical prose (e.g., see the guidelines on grammar, below). However, what will become a more immediate concern to you is getting through your philosophy text without getting utterly disheartened and overwhelmed.

It is often difficult for newcomers to philosophy to make sense out of some of the articles that you are asked to read. writong The difficulties that you may discover are often simply due your being unfamiliar with the writing styles of academic philosophers. Your schedule probably looks something like this: 1) write this paper for the next twelve hours followed by 2) sleep. If you are given lots of time then you can think about what really interests you. Quickly look at the assignment sheet again. Are you asked to explain some point or compare two philosophers. Are you asked to compare Hobbes and Locke on property rights.

Explain Hobbes, explaiThis briefly outlines a method for writing a short 3-5 page philosophy paper that presents, hpilosophy, and evaluates a single argument. After outlining the method, we walk through an example from an actual student paper.

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