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To many this has been.chore, but hopefully it has also been weakhess. Right before this section, Moroni talks about faith and hope, and how miracles and promises from the Lord are obtained through faith. He makes a list of some of the miracles, mostly from the Book of Mormon, that happened to men because of their faith (Ether 12).It is interesting to note that Moroni himself has obtained, through his faith, almost all the things that he mentions in the lives weakness in writing book of mormon these other people: he has an anchor for his soul, he is sure and steadfast, he aboSee also Humble, HumilityThe condition of being mortal and lacking ability, strength, or skill.

Weakness is a state of being. This weakness is manifest in part in the individual weaknesses or frailties that each person has. Smith, they weakness in writing book of mormon say, translated the Book of Mormon weakness in writing book of mormon golden plates he dug up in a hill in New York in the early 1800s. This is supposed to confirm his calling from God as the new prophet on the earth in these latter days. Further, they will tell you that the Holy Ghost will confirm the truth of the Book mormoon Mormon by producing good feelings in you.

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