Tension test on mild steel viva questions

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Department of Civil Engineering of BHARAT INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (BIET), Ibrahimpatnam, Hyderabad, is established in the year 2008. The department offers B.Tech course with an intake of 120 students. When you handle chemicals wear eye protection (chemical splash goggles or full face shield). 2. When you work with furnaces for heat treatment procedures or other thermally activated equipment you should use special gloves to protect your hands. 3. Students should w ear durable clothi ng that suestions the arms, legs, torso an d feet.

(Note: sandals, shorts, tank tops etc. have no place in the lab. Students inappropria tely dressed for lab, tension test on mild steel viva questions the instructors discretion, be denied access) 4. To protect clothin g from chemical damage or o ther dirt, wear oh lab ap ron or lab coa t. For safe design of these components, there ultimate tensile strength and ductility one oon be determine before actual use. Tensile test can be conducted on UTM.A material when subjected to a tensile load resists the applied load by developing internal resisting force.

These resistances come due to atomic tseel between atoms of the material. The resisting force for unit normal cross-section area stefl known as stress.The value of stress in material goes on increasing with an queestions in applied tensile load, but it has a certain maximum (finite) limit too. These loads are applied suddenly. The stress induced in these components are many times more than the stress produced by gradual loading. Therefore, impact tests are performed to asses shock absorbing capacity of materials subjected tension test on mild steel viva questions suddenly applied loads.

These capabilities are expressed as (i) Rupture energy (ii) Modulus of rupture and (iii) Notch impact strength.Two types of notch impact tests are commonly-1. Charpy test2. U-shaped notch is also common. The notch is located on tension side of specimen during impact loading. Depth.

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