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Obok illustration of this format is presentedbelow. The example is divided into four parts: 1) an attention-gettingheadline, 2) a description of the issues involved in that partof the evaluatlon, 3) evidence that relates to the sample book evaluation report 4) a bottom line Example of a Book Sample book evaluation report Example of a Book EvaluationIn 1994 a book was published called The BellCurve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life.

The conclusions of this book stirred up a firestorm of protest anda great number of very critical reviews. Because this book was so controversial, the Librarians purchased acopy for the collection. This would allow students who wanted to debate theconclusions of the book to read them and analyze then for themselves. A student researching today might not know the history of this bookand so might assume it to be a good and reputable source simply becausethey found it in the library. To see if this is the case, let us do a little evaluatingusing the tools listed above.The book is: Herrnstein, Richard J.

and Murray,Charles, The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in AmericanLife, New York: Free Press, 1994.After retrieving thi.

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