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Readerswho only have the paper counterpart of the licence ask what they need to dowhen friving changes are enforced. I read your article regarding the removal of the paper tax disk. The changes affect driving licences in England, Scotland and Wales. There are different rules in Northern Ireland, neee the paper counterpart is still needed. Change the address on your licenceYou should change the address on your driving licence when you move. What to do with your paper counterpartThe paper counterpart to a driving licence has had no legal status since 8 I need my paper driving licence 2015.

You should destroy yours if you have locence, but keep your photocard driving licence. If you have a paper driving licencePaper driving licences issued before 1998 are still valid. DVLA will aim to send your licenec licence within 3 weeks. It may take longer if your medical or personal details need to be checked.Use your Government Gateway ID to apply. Do you or any of your customers have old-style paper driving licences. No, provided you have a apper, full driving license then you will be permitted to drive regardless of how many points you have, and what for.You might see a note on your voucher i need my paper driving licence say that points must be declared.

Since the vouchers are used worldwide, this comment will often apply in other countries, but does not apply for North American rentals. Unfortunately not. For legal reasons, the rental companies are very strict on this policy. If you do not have your original license, presented in person, then you may not drive.

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