How to write a good resume in nigeria

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Your CV is an nigerka or narration of yourself. It is YOU talking about YOU in YOUR very own how to write a good resume in nigeria and in the best way possible. Bearing this in mind, every detail and information provided must be meticulously considered and articulately presented. Put your most flattering qualities or accomplishments up front and then move gradually to less flattering qualities. It gives an employer a sense of what you can do and what experience you have.Why You Need a CVThe purpose of a CV is to resums you in the door for an interview. Employers decide who to interview based on the CVs they receive for each job.

Mozilla FirefoxGoogle ChromeOperaSafariInternet Explorer. I have observed that writing a CV in Nigeria is something people put off for as long as possible and when they eventually get to it, they have the impression that so long as important elements such as work experience, educational qualifications and bio-data are in place, a CV is complete.I beg to disagree. Bearing this in mind, every detail anA curriculum vitae - popularly called a CV - is literally your work history, a summary of your educational and work experience, for the information of possible future employers.

Without meeting you, a prospective employer, or anyone who comes in contact with it, should have some good idea of who you are.There are so many ways, techniques and ideas on how to write a standard CV.

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