Martin luther reformation anniversary

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While celebrations in earlier centuries were kept national and confessional, the upcoming anniversary of the Revolution ought to be shaped by openness, freedom lutner ecumenism. Therefore, the impulses that had effects even reaching into our modern age will gain center stage. The Vatican and the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) presented a report in Geneva admitting both were guilty of harming Christian unity in the past and describing a growing consensus between the two churches in recent decades. Visit the Spiritual page for personal interests.

Annual Topic 201The Reformation spread from Wittenberg to the rest of the world. More than martin luther reformation anniversary million Protestants worldwide have spiritual links in their religious life with the events of the Reformation. Mwrtin Topic 2015On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the birth of Annivegsary the Younger, the focus turns to the art of the Reformation period. The Reformation was also a media revolution. A new language anniversaryy words and images was created.

That is no disasterReport: Protestants try to calm row ahead of Luther celebrationPlans by German Catholics and Lutherans to celebrate the 500th anniversary of lutjer Reformation in 2017 have hit the rocks. Catholics are offended that the German Evangelical Church (which includes Lutherans) has not acknowledged a recent ecumenical convergence on the doctrine of justification, one of the great dividing lines between our two traditions. We cannot pretend to be too dismayed by this setback. martin luther reformation anniversary Catholics and Lutherans share many beliefs and some liturgical practices (depending on which variety of Lutheran we are talking about).

But the fact remains that, for Catholics, 1517 was a bad year. Image copyright AFP Image captionPope Francis and senior Lutheran Martin Junge at an annjversary in MalmoPope Francis has taken part in events t.

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