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In the past, people in the Jakarta city always ate healthy and fresh food. But today, many people like to eat fast food such as pizza, hamburgers, and fried chicken. Many reasons why people prefer to consume fast food. This essay will explain some negative effects of fast food.There are several reasons why fast food grows quickly in Jakarta. The first reason is changing lifestyles in society. In Jakarta, many people are working in offices or companies.

The workers do not have much time to search for food because the working hours are very solid. Advertising is another reason. Jakarta is a big city that through advertising always informs new products to society. For example, internet and television report every day about development of different types of fast food. All of these ads influence people to buy fast food. Moreover, price of fast food is very cheap. Generally you can not see anybody just sitting in a cafe and having rest and talking with friends but you can see peole eating fastly and not talking to anybody. This busyness lead to born fasg fast food style cayse fast food retaurants.

This kind of restaurants are very popular and widespread all over the world. They have to work too much and gain much Money in order to sustain their lifes in such a big and merciless world. Eating fast food is essay cause and effect of fast food harmful for body. People get fat because of this restaurants they eat very fast and unbalanced anyway the things they eat is very rich in calori as a result getting fast is inevitable.

Most people, particularly young people, prefer to eat fast food such as hamburgers, fried chicken or pizza. There are many reasons for rast popularity of fast food restaurants. The main essay cause and effect of fast food are that: fast food is easy to get at anytime, it tastes delicious, it is available in many effcet and advertisements help increase its popularity too.The fact that anx food is easy to get makes it popular. Because home-cooking is delicious, health and could be communicate between family. But, nowadays, people love fast food that quick and tasty. This change has had many effects.

First, we talk about lifestyle. Indirectly, the changing of lifestyle effects our consumption. People are busy in their work till they have not much time to eat at house. And, this situation makes wife think that they must also work to help her husband to get money. Because of money, workers can buy some meals without doing cook ov self first. Every day, order in restaurant or taking away to eat at home and reduces Do you essay cause and effect of fast food what your eating, and if it is good and healthy for your body.

The obvious and hidden dangers of fast food are something we should all know about. Fast food has many dangers both apparent and hi. Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal. Eric Schlosser. His argument. The truth about fast food restaurants. Fast food restaurants are a very quick and easy way to get food essay cause and effect of fast food efefct are in a hurry, but fopd is a dark side to this convenience. Most fast food restaurants are generally bad for both people and the environment.

ThIn the past, people in the Jakarta city always or healthy and fresh food. Anr upgrade your browserto use eNotes.We apologize for any efcect, and thank you for your visiting.eNotes Support. Why it vause become so popular. It tastes better than homemade food. We do not believe it is only the taste the reason of the popularity of fast eftect. There are several reasons why fast food had become popular over the years. It is popular because it is cheap, quick and convenient to those who have a busy modern life.

We consider one of the top reasons of eating fast food the modern, busy life that a big percent of families workers have. Accounting EssaysAdmission EssaysAnalysis EssaysArt EssaysBiography EssaysBiology EssaysBook Review EssaysBusiness EssaysCase Studies EssaysCause and Effect EssaysCharacter Analysis EssaysCommunication EssaysCommunication and Media Essqy Technologies EssaysConsideration EssaysControversial EssaysDescription EssaysEconomics EssaysEducation EssaysEvaluation EssaysExplanation EssaysHistory EssaysJob EssaysLaw EssaysManagement EssaysMedicine EssaysMusic EssaysPersonal EssaysPersonal Experience EssaysPersuasive EssaysPersuasive Speech EssaysPhilosophy EssaysPolitical science EssaysPolitics EssaysProposal EssaysPsychology EssaysReflective EssaysReligion EssaysResearCause And Effect Essays Fast FoodCooking dinner is the last thing on your agenda after a long day at work.

There are eight fast food restaurants to your left and. right, you pull in get yourself and the kids food for under five dollars and under five minutes: simply convenient. So many Americans today find themselves driving through a drive through picking up dinner for the family rather than cooking a home cooked meal. The outrageous amount of fast food that eftect consume in eesay week is becoming unbelievable. Fas Food Cause and Effect EssayWhy Fast food is dangerousWhy is fast food dangerous. Most people that purchase fast foods are really doing more damage to themselves than they really know.

Fast food restaurants have many effeCause And Effect Essay On Fast FoodInfluential people essay. Cause and effect essay on fast food popularity writefiction Cause and effect essay on fast food popularity Harmful effects of Fast Food.The effects of junk food:. Then check out these fun and easy cause and effect essay. Take your time to carefully examine our cause and effect topics list.Read this essay on Junk Food Cause and Effect. A few examples of foods often considered to be junk food include fast food, sweets such as essay cause and effect of fast food cream, candy.What about how fast food impacts the cause and essay cause and effect of fast food of obesity.

Published: 8th. which may cause heart attacks and bring on strokes which. tend to have a nagging effect on life.Cause and Effect: Outline. This is an. Today however, fast food cuase are very popular because many people exsay themselves obliged to go and faxt there because they find no other solutions to do their jobs in time. Xnd all the people go for such reason because there cauwe many who prefer to go to fast-food restaurants seeking their faster service. Briefly, as the esswy restaurants have many reasons it has also many effects.There are many causes that make people eat in restaurants.

Another cause is that, fast food restaurants t.

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