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In Word 2010, you can easily change the appearance of the page colour. You can also choose to apply various fill effects, including GraApplies To: Word for Mac 2011 More. But if for any reason you need to choose a different background color for your existing or new text documents, it is very simple to do that. Watch this short video tutorial to discover how to change the Page Color in Word. This short video will show you how to change a Word document page from white to your preferred colour.

What I tend to advise my students to do is create blank document and type the following text into it. Copy and paste it on several lines and different sizes. Then try microsoft word paper color colours. Light blues and greens are most used. One you have found the best viewing, delete all the text and save the (blank) page to your desktop.Whenever you use Word, just use the template. As you move your cursor through the various colors given in the list under this drop down arrow, you will be able to microsoft word paper color a preview of what the page will look like once you have applied the color to its background.

InApplies To: Word 2013 More. LessTo add a splash of excitement to your document, change the background or color of the page with the Page Color button. If you save your document as a Web page, the textures are saved as JPEG files, and the patterns and gradients are saved as PNG files. Applies To: Word 2013 More. Cheryl recently switched to Word 2007 and likes it, except for the color of the typing screen. She wonders how to change the white background to another color that would be easier on her eyes.In earlier microsoft word paper color of Word you had the option to use a blue background with white text.

This was a feature of the old WordPerfect appearance, and many people migrating from WordPerfect to Microsoft Word wanted to use the same screen colors they were familiar with. This feature is no longer available in Word 2007. You do have some options to change the background color, however.The first option allows you to change the background microsoft word paper color to whatever you would like. Keep in mind that the color you choose is a part of the document and is visible when sharing the file.

The text color may change, as well (for example, from black to white), to remain visible. To remove page coloring, choose the No Color command.The color you choose is produced by your printer, but you must direct the printer to print the page color. There is an option to print background colors and images. Best Answer: YES THERE IS. Follow these steps:1. Open Microsoft Word2. All rights rese.

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