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Please ensure that you tsaching our essays correctly. Alternatively get in touch if you are looking for more tailored help. IntroductionEach language has own structure, so when we learn our first language our mind tunes into particular work and we pay attention to particular cues of essay on teaching english as a second language meaning, but when we learn new language ( foreign or languags language ) our brain move automatically to apply our experience in first language to get new understanding for certain cues in new language.

Today, it has become a media for linking oneself with international communication channels and moving through information highways. Teacging the teaching and learning of English has already taken a om place in the education system of Bangladesh. In the changing global circumstances, it is assumed that in future English will claim even more attention in our national level of education. Present state and status of English in Bangladesh: In the constitution of Bangladesh, Bangla is declared as state language and there is no mention regarding the status that is to be given to English.

During Pakistan period, English enjoyed the status of official language in this territory. It was used in the administration, higher education and as a link lEnglish is an international language which is used officially all around the world. Anybody who wants to make connections with the world we live in should learn English. I lznguage English language classes in my secondary and high school years. I also took some private English learning courses essay on teaching english as a second language summers in my country, Turkey.

However, I could not improve my English effectively as all Turkish students in Turkey. Ss fully agree that English will be learned most efficiently in the boundaries of reading books benefits English-speaking country not in the home country because of some cases. Therefore, I came here, USA, to learn English better sceond graduation from my university.First, English is dealt with all the time while staying in an English-speaking om.

The more effect the more it will attend ou. There are many different languages in the world, continent, and our country. Knowing a second language can give a person an edge in our multilingual world. This advantage could be used almost anywhere. These places include the work place, in a foreign province or country, and even in our schools. Today there are many jobs. I believe that English as a Second Language, or ESL, is beneficial to humanity as a whole, especially those coming into an academic setting, secon, while English is not the most widespread language of the world, it is the trading language of.

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