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This study guide contains the applewhites book summary sections. Surviving the Applewhites is the story of thirteen-year-old Jake Semple who after accidentally burning down his school, has been forced to live with an eccentric artist family to avoid being sent to a juvenile detention center. Jake has dyed red hair gelled into spikes, an eyebrow ring, and he wears all black clothing. However, readers might be inspired by the free-form school to think about their own learning interests and what inspires them. E.D. is a model student who loves learning and wants to be challenged but feels inferior and overlooked because she has no artistic talent.

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Cover of Surviving the ApplewhitesAuthorStephanie S. Word has it that he burned down his old schooland then was kicked out of every other school in his home state. The Applewhites, from four-year-old Destiny to grandfather Zedediah, are all creative, talented, applewhites book summary types, and their haphazardly run school is more of a self-education opportunity. E.D., the almost 13-year-old daughter of the clan, feels like the odd one out — her talents lie in organization, applewhites book summary in art, writing, dance, or theater, like the rest of the family.

Jack Semple and E.D. Applewhite are back, in this middle-grade applewhites book summary to Stephanie S.

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