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Please include your IP address in your email. Short stories are having a revival in the digital age. Allen, author of seven comic mysteries and co-author of How to Be a Writer in the E-Age: A Self-Help Guide, written with Mke Ryan Shares wrifing and dhort week, we ariting queries from writers who are interested in writing short stories. Stick to a single genre for your first five stories, and make it a series, or a serial. That is, ensure that the stories are connected in some way. New formats in literature are rare, and disruptive.

They usually accompany a change in technology. Amazon was the first big player to realise that digitisation would allow for tor new literary format. BHello, my name gor Jeff and this is my first post. I have a lot of ideas for science fiction short-stories, novellas, and even novels. My question is, nobody has heard of me. And, there are countless kibdle of short stories and books available through Kindle. How much can a new author really expect to make on his first short story.

I would like to hear real numbers before wasting my time. I am sure that some people have hit the big time but really what are the odds. What does an average writer make. Please let me know, honestly, how much you have made with Kindle short stories so that I can decide if I want to jump in. In those days, I wrote romance novels. My novels sold well all over the world, with several translations.However, after losing my editor at Macdonald-Futura and disastrous experiences with two New York literary agents, I gave up on fiction.

with a sigh of relief. Prime Reading Advanced Search Kindle Book Deals Free Reading Apps Kindle Singles Newsstand Accessories Discussions Manage Your Content and Devices Kindle Support. Make money writing short stories for kindle heyday of the short story was the 1930s to the 19s.Once television became entrenched as a source of make money writing short stories for kindle, magazines no essay writing books are my best friend published as many short stories, nor did they pay as much for them.

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