Experiment acid rain on seed germination

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I collected all the apparatus needed (see apparatus list).2. I made a dilution series (see dilution series).3. Placed the filter paper in the bottom of the petri disThis is a simple experiment to investigate the germination of seed under different conditions, by growing seeds upright in Petri dishes. Upon discussion of acid rain and its affects, students will design an experiment raon be tested over a one week period. Seed type, germination method, time and the amount of light and water will experiment acid rain on seed germination controlled.

Students will record the results each day and give an oral report of their findings at the culmination scid the week. Students will also write a lab report in their science journal describing their results. Learning Goals. This activity is appropriate for high schAcid rain has a wide range of negative effects on the environment as well as on human life. It kills plants and seeds, therefore destroying current ecosystems and preventing others from growing.

Acid rain also proves detrimental to statues. Acid rain is produced by the combination of harmful pollutants and water molecules in the atmosphere. These harmful pollutants are made up of emissions such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides. While there are many speculations on the harmful effects of acid rain, we question the impact it has on radish seed germination.

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