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Tired of reading boring introcuctions. Students can improve by learning how to engage the reader and by learning how to write a good thesis statement. Teach students what good introductions look like and strategies to write good ones. Improving IntroductionsIf the introduction is boring, then the reader in the real world will stop reading.Unfortunately, teachers have to plow through the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to essays. The essay must receive a grade.

Teach intrkductions how to receive high marks.What Not To Do in an Introduction. It went through many stages, but I think I have perfected it (at least to my satisfaction.)My basic premise is that we all needed a common story. I had been teaching types of intros and conclusions by having everyone write the different types using their own stories. For instance, in the annotations, there are italicized writing introductions and conclusions middle school from the text to support each annotation.

However, you will not see the italics (nor bold, underlining, or varied bullets) on screen, only when printed.The intent is to project the PowerPoint slides for the students. The video will take you through creating a functional introduction in both the Persuasive and Analytical forms of essay writing.

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