Nasa 3d map of the universe

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An international team of astronomers and astrophysicists have created a video spotlighting their new 3-D map of the known universe. The map was created from a collection of galaxy redshifts - observations of light emitted from galaxies as they move away from the earth. Impressive, unigerse sure. Gradually,the view will slowly zoom out, revealing open clusters of stars od our galaxy(red), then the whole flat disk of nasa 3d map of the universe Milky Way with globular clusters ofstars around it (purple), and then the Local Group of other nasa 3d map of the universe around ourown (blue).Once the view zooms out to show both the Sun and the center ofthe Milky Way, a white line is shown connecting the two, to give a sense of thescale of the Milky Way.At any time you can click and drag the simulation to rotate itmanually.

You can use the slider at the top to manually zoom in and out, or usethe scroll-wheel on your mouse. Hovering over objects will often show moreinformation about thAstrophysicists from the University of Waterloo have managed to create the best yet 3D map of the universe. It spans almost two billion light years and it is hoped it could help better understand how space is expanding and give insights into dark matter. Tags Unuverse white cross marks the Milky Way galaxy, which is home to planetEarth.

Welcome to the 3D Resources site. It endeavors to use thescientific method to understand the origin, evolution and ultimate fate of the entire Universe. Like any field of science,cosmology involves the formation of theories or hypotheses about the universe which make specific predictions for phenomenathat can be tested with observations. Depending on the outcome of the observations, the theories will need to be abandoned,revised or extended to accommodate the data.

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