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UpdatedFebruary 08, 2017.Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn was one of the big suspense novels of 2012. But far from just being a mindless thriller, Gone Girl is a literary page turner that is smart and witty. These book club discussion questions will help your reading group explore the plot, themes and ideas raised in the novel.Spoiler Warning: These questions book club questions gone girl gillian flynn important details about Gone Girl. qufstions Husband-of-the-Year NickPage 4 of 4Discussion QuestionsA bonanza.

Obok have two sets of Discussion Questions for Gone Girl: LitLovers own talking points.and the publisher-issued questions. Consider Amy and Nick Dunne as characters. Did you believe him, initially. When did you begin to suspect that he might have something to do with it. What does it look like from the outside.and what does it look like from the inside. This is completely free to you, the reviewer.For your first review, you will just be given the book clug free. After that, you will be eligible for the paid review opportunities. Sign Up for Free: Email: Type free to prove you are human. was created over 10 years ago and has over 100,000 members. My favorite summertime hobby was stunning ants and feeding them to spiders. My preferred indoor diversion was a game called Mean Aunt Rosie, in which I pretended to be a witchy caregiver and my cousins tried to escape me. They meet by chance at a party in New York City, share a wonderful evening and then part ways. Several months later fate throws them together again, and they have a fairy tale ending. Some book clubs only read the bestsellers. No matter how your book club chooses books, you also need to decide if there will be any restrictions on the choices (ie, just fiction, just paperba.Mo.

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