Tensile strength test theory

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The phenomenology of the tensile test is re-examined with special attention to the influence of strain rate sensitivity of the flow stress. Explicit formulae are deduced for the measured variables of the test in terms of the phenomenological parameters of the material. The stability of the deformation is examined, and the growth of help my homework online inhomogeneity is described in the unstable deformation regime. The effect of elasticity of the specimen and the testing machine is investigated with special attention to relaxation tests.

In a tensile test, a sample is extended at constant rate, and the load needed to maintain this is measured. The graphs in each case will be different:Graphs illustrating the difference between nominal stress and strain and true stress and strain.There are two main types of strain - elastic strain and plastic strain. The objective of this experiment is to investigate the behavior of two material specimens under a Tensile Test. The materials to be i nvestigated are Copper and Steel. One example of this could be to tensile strength test theory the Ultimate Tensile Stress of a material to be used for a shopping bag, to check it can hold enough weight.

The two specimens will tTheoryTensile test is one of the most important mechanical property evaluation test. In this test a cylindrical or a plate shaped specimen is deformed by applying a uniaxial force as shown in the figure below. One end of the sample is fixed in a static grip while the other end of the specimen is pulled at tensile strength test theory constant velocity. The load is continuously monitored during the test. It is usual to conduct this test until the sample fractures.

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