Polymer tensile test curve

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Tensile Test ExperimentOne material property that is widely used and recognized is the strength of a material. The material has known dimensions, like length and cross-sectional area. We then begin to apply weight to the material gripped at polymer tensile test curve end while the other end is fixed. We keep increasing the weight (often called the load or force) while at the same time measuring the change in length of the sample.

MethodIn this experiment samples of polyethylene are subjected to a tensile stress. They are stretched at a vurve rate untilthey fail. The sample is dumbbell-shaped so that it can be firmly held by each set of grips.The test is carried out using a polyme. The photograph below is of the Hounsfield H20K-W apparatus, which was usedto perform the experiment.(Click on image to view larger version)First the sample teensile secured in place.

The strain rate for the test is programmed into the machine, after which The purpose of thislaboratory exercise is to gain cyrve and experience of the tensile testingby performing the test and analyze the obtained data. M echanical properties of materials are essential factors in design, and mechanical testing is a widely used method for determining mechanical properties of materials. In mechanical testing,there are several modes in which loads can be applied, such as tensile,compressive, shear, and three-point bending. Figure polymer tensile test curve shows an Instron model 559 Universal Testingmachine with tension clamps installed.

In tensile testing, specimens should beprepared according tensipe ASTM D38.

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