How to do a book report for 8th grade

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However, grades should be justified and non arbitrary. Require the minimum amount of pages in a particular book. A good rule of thumb is a minimum of 20 pages per grade level. Have them write the number of pages down on the book report. If they fail to write down the number of pages, find out yourself and deduct 5 points from the score. When you create a subtotal for the book report, create a proportion for the grade. Every student has a different story of why they are they at this school, some students made a mistake and want to earn.

their way back to their school site and some do not care about school and to not try to work towards anything positive. The staff explained that working there is a challenge and takes a how to do a book report for 8th grade type graxe person that can adjust to a variety of challenging students and still try to accomplish a positive learning environment. I read The Host By: Reporg Meyer. I want a book that has Action.

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