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Why is it, that we as human beings feel the need to blame someone for every negative situation which occurrs. For example, the play Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, is known for its romantic tragedy between two star-crossed lovers. Friar Laurence is most to blame for many obvious, yet overlooked reasons.The forbidden wedding of Romeo and Essayd could not have happened without the Friar. First of all, the Friar unwisely agreed to marry Romeo and Juliet, even though he knows it will cause later problems.

Therefore, he decides to marry the two lovers. In terms of history and circumstance we must remember that free romeo and juliet essays who is to blame sixteenth century, marriages were arranged. The play wouldtherefore be considered jullet wrong in Elizabethan times as the coupleare marrying without their parents consent. This is a very importantpoint to be considered because the lovers rebel against custom andhistory in free romeo and juliet essays who is to blame each other. This is the major cause whoo theirdeaths.The family feud in the story means that nearly everything that happensin Verona ends in violence.

This means that Romeo and Juliet had nochance of a successful marriage if they told their families abouttheir love for one another. So many wrong steps were taken and encouraRomeo and Juliet essayThe story of Romeo and Juliet is the best tragedy ever to be written. The tale of two adolescents taking their lives because of their love for one another has inspired a lot of controversy as to whether the adults surrounding these adolescents could have done something to prevent this tragedy. The truth is the adults in the situation are ultimately to blame for the deaths of their love struck teens.

This essay will explain why Friar Laurence, Nurse and to a lesser extent Mercutio, caused the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.Friar Laurence is at fault for causing this catastrophe. On the other hand love is often considered an impulsive thing, and Romeo being an impulsive person only made the matter worse. The Friar has to make sure that Romeo is informed of the plan.Showed rssays 250 characters. In the Romeo and Juliet play written by William Shakespeare, two citizens of Verona come together and fall deeply in love.

Unfortunately their love comes to an end, along with their lives, because of a misunderstanding and a persistent feud between their families. He assisted the two when they wanted to get married, which began the d.

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