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Last week, I sent home a project for the families to do from my Merry christmas free homework pass Activity pack. I asked the families to write down a cookie recipe so we could make a class cookbook and the kids can practice their how-to writing. I had no idea. I had only 3 people turn the paper in. Not much of a cookbook. So I decided that these kiddos should earn a free homework pass for the extra effort. I created a few winter themed homework passes to use in my class.

I made two different versions for a week with no homework or a day with no homework. Click on the pictures to grab the freebies. I am so happy to have found your blog and I am your newest follower. Post merry christmas free homework pass CommentIf your comment is made on a post that was written over 10 days ago, moderation is needed due to the amount of SPAM comments I am getting. Some can be totally inappropriate.Thank you for taking the time to respond to merry christmas free homework pass blog posts. What you have to share is important. Time gets the best of me.This year for the holidays Christmas I am giving my students colored pencils.

My class is SO artsy. In fact, they are really talented. They LOVE when they get to used colored pencils. Give your students a gift they will be thrilled to receive. Print the passes on tagboard, cut out, and punch a hole in the corner with a hole puncher. Then use red or green ribbon to tie the pass to a candy cane. Freebie Owls Freebie Cards Pass Freebie Owls Classroom Decor Classrooms Owls Classroom Things Classroom Ideas Classroom Freebies Theme Classroom Forward3- Free Resources: Homework Pass Freebie.

See More. Freebie Valentine S Classroom Valentine S School Valentine S Valentines Crafts Owl Classroom Grade Classroom School Holiday Classroom Id.

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