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There are lots of ways example essay introduction anecdote do this. What is an anecdote, you ask. An anecdote is a short story, usually serving to make the listeners laugh or ponder over a topic. Generally, the anecdote will relate to the subject matter that the group of people is discussing.For example, clear thesis statement a group of coworkers are discussing pets, and one coworker tells a story about how her cat comes downstairs at only a certain time of the night, then that one coworker has just told an anecdote.

Using AnecdotesUnderstanding the context in which an anecdote is placed will help you to better recognize the purpose example essay introduction anecdote point of these brief stories. Anecdotes can be useful for setting the stage for a speech or personal essay. I plucked the dewy, white blossom and tucked it into my hair band and went about my day with joy in my heart. I was soon itching and twitching like a scrappy dog. We scribbled and rewrote our introductory paragraphs. And how in the world do you end satisfactorily.

Start with an example. One warm summer day, in the Catskill Mountai.

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