Summary of books 6-8 of the odyssey

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Summary: Book 1Sing to me of the man, Muse, the manof twists and turnsdriven time and again off course, once he hadplunderedthe hallowed heights of Troy.(See Important Quotations Explained)The narrator of the Odyssey invokes theMuse, asking for inspiration as he prepares to tell the story ofOdysseus. SummaryKing Alcinous and Queen Arete rule the seafaring Phaeacians on boks island of Scheria. Booka Study Guide Book V Summary:Athena pleads to the gods and Zeus at Mount Olympus on behalf of the imprisoned Odysseus kdyssey Telemachus, who is in danger of being ambushed.

She reluctantly agrees, but not before pointing out that male gods are allowed to take mortal lovers while female ones are not, and informs the weeping Odysseus of the new plans. As Odysseus sleeps, Athena flies to a Phaeacian city where the princess Nausicaa, daughter of the king Alcinous, lies sleeping. In the morning, the king gives her a wagon and a team of mules, the queen packs her a lunch and some olive oil for applying after bathing, and she goes with her maids to the beach where Odysseus lies sleeping.

They wash the clothes, bathe, and oil themselves. As they wait for their clothes to dry they play games in the sun. At summary of books 6-8 of the odyssey, Athena in the guise of Alcinous gathers people to the meeting grounds. After everyone eats and drinks, the bard Demodocus sings about the battle between Odysseus and Achilles. The song moves Odysseus to tears. Though Odysseus hides his weeping under his cape, Alcinous notices summary of books 6-8 of the odyssey tears and urges the guests to move on to athletic competitions. While not neglecting matters of language and formulaic composition, the Commentary aims to provide guidance on questions of literary and narrative technique and poetic artistry.

The Introduction deals with the pr This is the first self-contained edition of Books VI-VIII of the Odyssey-the account.

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