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Critical Review of reprot BiographyUNIVERSITY OFRICHMONDHistory 205, Sections and 7: The United States to 1877 (FSHT)Instructions for How do you write a book report on a biography yuo Critical Review of a BiographySelecting Your BookFirst consider those figures inour history (to 1877) who are of interest to you. For at leastthree of them, read the biographical entries in the new AmericanNational Biography series. For some figures, such as AbrahamLincoln, the essay will be lengthy.

Read also the bibliographicalportion of the entry for each subject.Make your selection of a biographyto be read only after this preliminary reading rport AmericanNational Biography. Your biography must be approved by theinstructor and should be 250 pages or bow in length. It mustbe written by a single author and published since 19. Autobiographies,memoirs, and diaries are not suitable. Write only about someone you have deep feelings for. If you care bilgraphy about your subject, either positively or negatively, so will your readers.

She how do you write a book report on a biography published 21 critically acclaimed books using her experience and knowledge as a doctor. Why not write one yourself. Biography offers much more scope than many writers realize. But how do you do it. Evaluate your potential subject, her appeal, and what types of readers might be interested. A biography of an infamous courtesan obviously would not be age-appropriate for a YA title. There may be other considerations thatProf. Whether you are writing a biographical essay or the first installment of your three-book biography on your favorite actor, it will need to repotr thoroughly researched and well-written.

Follow these steps to create a masterful biography. Know what a biography is. Find anything written by or about the subject. These items could include books, lette.

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