Statement of purpose vs personal statement

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Personal StatementAs the name might suggest, a personal statement is intended to be a bit more personal than a statement of purpose. If a school asks only for a personal statement, try gearing the essay more towards why you are leaning towards this specific field and how this specific graduate program will help you achieve your goals. Discuss your passions and how they motivated you to love your subject while as an undergrad, and show the school how you have the self-drive and endurance to be successful in an independent academic environment.

If you have room, you may also As you work to complete your graduate school applications, your program will likely ask for a personal statement, a statement of purpose, or even both. The good news is there is significant crossover between to the two, but there are subtle statement of purpose vs personal statement. This lack of directions makes me very confused about what to put in each category. I have done some research and have rough idea, however I am not sure.

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