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This writing rubric will be used when grading the summary. Students should show in their summary they have a good grasp of the information and have developed an personal opinion based on experience and research on the topic. See each assignment for specific information. Read the two articles from Time Magazine about fitness. Summarize the articles in an essay. writing assignments for high school physical education Be sure to include what the current state offitness and health is in America (how many people workout), what amount ofexercise is recommended, what counts as exercise, and what benefits exercisehas.

Be sure to use standard essayformat (intro, body, conclusion) and proper grammar. See rubric for more details. Read the article Exploring the Mysteries of Exercise and use the worksheet to write 3 summary sentences for each section. Finally, write a 3 paProf. Use this as a study guide for taking your pulse, calculating your target heart rate zone and understanding other key terms associated with cardiovascular fitness.Anatomy and Muscle Function Study Guide.

Identify in the graphic organizer attached, things that you do or do not do to enhance each side of your health triangle. Explain in writing where your triangle is deficient, and things you can do to balance your triangle.Study Guide for Health Test 10-08-09.

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