10 facts about martin luther king jr day

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Explore 10 surprising facts about the civil rights leader and 194 Nobel Peace Prize winner. King was assassinated on 04 April, 198, in Memphis, Tennessee. Today is a special day as the world celebrates the birthday of the 10 facts about martin luther king jr day activist, Dr. Martin Factts King, Jr. In 198 Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Representative John Conyers (D-Mich.) introduced legislation for a federal holiday to commemorate King.In 1973 Illinois was the first state to adopt MLK Day as a state holiday.In 1983 Congress passed legislation creating Martin Luther King Jr.

Day. It went into effect three years later. In 1987 Arizona Governor Evan Mecham repealed MLK Day, causing a boycott in the state.By 1989 the holiday had been adopted j 44 states.In 1991 the National Football League changed the scheduled location for the 1993 Super Bowl from Arizona to California because of the MLK Day boycott. Learn a little something, too.We all know the basics about Dr. King: his civil rights work, sit-ins and speeches. racts Take a look to learn some interesting Dr. King facts. We do know his name was Michael first. King started at Morehouse at the age 10 facts about martin luther king jr day 15 because he skipped 9th and 12 grade.

Kennedy made a nationally televised address calling for a drive for more civil rights. Martin Luther King Jr,On the third Monday of every January, the United States honors its greatest civil rights hero, Martin Luther King Jr. with a Federal holiday marking his January 15 birthday.

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